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What To Expect In a Sports Nutrition Consult

You may be sitting on the fence, unsure if sports nutrition coaching is the right move for you. Let me tell you all about my services and how it can benefit you in your sport!

Goals of Nutrition Coaching

First up, I always establish your goals and expectations, so I can adjust the way I coach you so you get the most out of each session. Having a clear goal, and being on the same page about it is key to tailored coaching.

Setting expectations of each other is also a great way to build rapport, discuss previous histories with coaches, and understand what we need from each other. This also highlights any concerns you may have and give us a chance to talk through them.

The First Consult

This is the session we get all the information out on the table.

Majority of the time I'm listening to you, and asking question to find out more.

Here's some of the points we go through

  • Goals

  • Details on sport and training schedule

  • Relevant medical history, including medications, supplements, blood tests etc.

  • Body composition history and goals

  • Current eating habits and past eating history

  • Anything you've tried in the past, what has worked, what didn't work

  • Your appetite, GI symptoms, sleep and energy levels

  • Relevant lifestyle and environment factors

All this information is important to help me set up an appropriate action plan that will work for you and suit your requirements and lifestyle.

Nutrition Education

There will always be an aspect of education, this is all tailored to what you'll find useful and to fill any gaps in knowledge regarding nutrition, supplements, food preparation and more.

But the main thing to note, is I won't do this unless it's something you want to know too. I'm not here to talk your ear off about something that's not a priority to you, but if you want to know, I'm there for you too.

Action Plan

This part is where we start putting everything we've discussed into actionable behaviours you can implement in your day-to-day.

The plan is different from person to person and largely depends on what you are looking for and what you need to improve. I aim to limit unnecessary changes, so you have more capacity to focus on the priorities.

There are 3 different types of plans we can create:

  1. Flexible meal plan: This may be for athletes who need to knuckle down, maybe it to make weight, maybe it's getting close to competition, or maybe you like the way meal plans remove the 'thinking' effort from planning your meals.

  2. Calorie and Macro Setting: This is a way to keep you on target to your sporting goals, while providing greater flexibility. Great for those who have a deeper nutritional knowledge, or who aren't great with restrictions.

  3. Nutrition Behaviour Targets: This option allows for the greatest flexibility. Great for those who are just starting out, or who already have a well structured diet.


Following the first consult, it is encouraged to continue with reviews to receive feedback on your progress, make modifications to the plan, and discuss any hurdles you may have come across along the way.

This will give greater opportunity to refine your eating behaviours and nutritional intake so you are optimal for your competition.

Where to book?

If you want some more info, book in for a FREE 15min phonecall to get all your questions answered.

If you're ready to go, feel free to book for you initial consult here.

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