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How to stay fuller for longer!

Do you find that you eat a meal and in no time you're hungry again? Do you always wonder why you're still hungry after eating?

The following are 3 tips to stay fuller for longer throughout the day!

As a Dietitian and Nutritionist, making sure that my clients know how to eat more nourishing foods and create meals that are balanced, satisfying and sustaining are so important to me. Eating in a way that gives you energy and allows you to focus on your day (other than feelings of hunger) is essential to being a more productive person. I find that when I'm hungry, I can't think of anything else but food, and it really impacts my work (and my mood)!

Try out these 3 tips and notice how your energy levels improve and you can stay fuller for longer throughout your busy day.

#1 - Build a Balanced Meal

When making your main meals, you should always include these 4 things: Carbohydrates, Protein, Fats, and Fibre. These 4 core nutrients are what will provide you with long-lasting, sustaining energy, give you feelings of fullness, and satisfy your appetite.

For example, you could try:

Oats (carbs) + berries (fibre) + nut butter (fats) + yoghurt (protein)

Or Rice (carbs) + stirfry veggies (fibre) + salmon (protein) + oil (fats)

Or Pasta (carbs) + spinach and tomatoes (fibre) + lentils (protein) + cheese (fats)

#2 - Make a Satisfying Snack

Your snacks should follow a similar guideline to give you sustained energy to tie you over until your next main meal.

Build a snack by having a Carbohydrate source, and either a Protein and/or a Fat source.

For example, you could try:

Banana (carbs) + nut butter (fats)

Or Wholegrain crackers (carbs) + tuna (protein)

Or Toast (carbs) + avocado (fats)

#3 - Eat Enough Energy

If you are doing all this but still feeling hungry soon after eating, it may be because you aren't eating enough energy.

Your hunger is influenced by the amount of energy you eat. If you eat enough, your hunger will be more regular and in tune with typical meal times. Whereas, if you don't eat enough energy, you may feel hungry more often and at random times of the day.

After the main meal, you should aim to feel physically full, with your tummy expanded slightly, but not to the point of discomfort. This is usually a sign of eating a good volume of food and should be combined with nutritious energy-dense foods as well, such as carbs, proteins and fats.

Food is Fuel.

Remember, food is fuel, and not something to be scared of. Your hunger is a sign that you need to eat. Don't be afraid to do just that! Build a nutritious and balanced meal that satisfies your cravings while sustaining your energy.

Be sure to leave a comment and sign up for my 1:1 nutrition coaching to optimise your diet and health, and fuel you for life.

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