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3 Tips to Stop Overeating

Feeling like you're overeating and out of control around food usually doesn't feel very good. However, the solution to prevent this from happening may surprise you!

It's got less to do with restricting yourself and more with trusting yourself.

Step 1: Eat enough energy throughout the day. If we aren't eating enough, we tend to get reallllyyy hungry by nighttime, which may result in those late-night snacking to the point where we feel uncomfortable. That's just a way for your body to get enough energy when it feels like it hasn't gotten enough. So, make sure you're eating meals regularly throughout the day, with a balance of carbs, fats and protein for satiety. Make sure the meal sizes are large enough to leave you feeling slightly full rather than eating to the point where you are just not hungry anymore.

Step 2: Eat a variety of foods, textures and flavours. This may sound like a strange one, but it makes sense. If all your meals were plain and beige, even if you're getting enough energy, you may start seeking out foods that have more colour and texture to them. We love variety, switch up the flavours, colours and textures your see as the day goes on. Sometimes you want something crunchy, sometimes you want something smooth, sometimes sweet, sometimes salty. Ensure you're giving your taste pallet this variety.

Step 3: Allow yourself to eat all foods, at all times, in any amounts. Going a step further than just allowing more texture and variety, ensure you're satisfying your cravings, wants and needs. If you tend to overdo it on the chocolate after dinner, maybe you need to include chocolate during the day. Removing the restrictions and boundaries telling you these foods are "off limits" minimises the effect it has on you. Meaning that when you do eat it, you may be less likely to feel out of control as you know that it's not the last time you're going to eat it. You give yourself permission to have more if you want it and permission to have it tomorrow if you desire, which means that the need to eat it all at once reduces. You can just sit back and enjoy the amount that satisfies you. This may seem scary, so make sure you address steps 1 and 2 first and begin by choosing 1 or 2 of your restricted/fear foods to give yourself unconditional permission to eat.

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